Charing Cross Print

One of London’s leading printers needed to transition to an online presence.

Charing Cross Print – “A simple, clean and clear way of ordering different prints online…”

The website for Charing Cross Print was created in 2015 with a strong idea and ethos. It was the culmination of a current printing house combined with a want to digitalise and create an online platform.

The idea was simple, create a clean and modern brand and feel that users could navigate and order with ease.

I looked at how a lot of big brands such as and were dealing with varied products online and realised that not all of them combined a simple colour palette and they end up flooding the homepage of the site with too much for the user.

I created some different homepage banners all with a simple colour scheme. These followed through all of the site and even through to the social media advertising. It was nice to have everything come together, and although there wasn’t too many products, it kept to the brief. Clean, clear, and simple to navigate.