The Hippodrome Casino

In 2009 extensive restoration began, taking the Hippodrome back to Matcham’s original designs for use as a casino and entertainment venue.

As head of design, I oversaw a lot of digital and web output for The Hippodrome Group.

I oversee all design output for The Hippodrome Casino, Heliot Steakhouse, Lola’s Underground Casino, The Matcham Theatre and Hippodrome Online as their head of design.

During my time here I have had a great opportunity to work on many different projects across many different platforms. I’ve also been able to manage a design studio and work on the art direction across the whole company. Since joining in 2013, I have fully designed and implemented two apps, one online and one general Hippodrome app. I’ve also redesigned the website and following mobile and tablet sites.

My role allows me to take on all kinds of work. Different logos and websites, such as Lola’s Underground Casino, Hippodrome LIVE and The Cranbourn Club. With this comes massive marketing campaigns, email campaigns, promotional videos and photography to shoot, and to bring it all together in an effective manner.

A full redesign of the company was also undertaken in 2014 to freshen up and solidify The Hippodrome’s standing as the biggest Casino in England.