The Net-A-Porter Group, is the world’s premier online luxury fashion destination for content and commerce.

During 2015, I had the opportunity to work on various projects for The Net-A-Porter Group.

I worked on a two campaigns, a Winter campaign and a streetstyle campaign. The aim was to create a campaign that would utilise the clean, image led style and fit in well with the brand. They needed an email campaign, along with assets for homepage and other sized website media. There was also some rich text media, such as flash web banners for external sites as well as their own.

Implementing the Net-A-Porter brand across many assets that fit in to on campaign.

Having the opportunity to work with a great asset library helped to create a great campaign. Utilising the current style and working new ideas within a strict brand guidelines.

See below for the HTML email campaign, which was created with additional assets. Plus the homepage desktop website. Other areas that it needed to work alongside were the Net-Set app and the mobile site.