ITV Text Santa

Text Santa is a charity initiative set up in 2011 by ITV to support UK-based charities during the Christmas period.

‘Something responsive, that worked for a wide range of user groups, across many devices.’

We created lots of different assets and elements for the micro site that was created. This varied from web banners and rich media banners/animations, to interactive advent calendars for the competitions they were running. It was great to get the opportunity to work on so many varied elements for such a big project and being them all together. We also worked on assets for the micro site itself.

Designing for something that had so much reach, and such a larger use base meant a lot of planning. Mainly the issues were the UI design and the varied devices that people will use.

Therefore it is imperative that the designs worked across devices, so extra testing was put in to insure this. Also time was spent from a user functionality point of view so that younger users can interact with the games and features.